Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all reservations and agreements made with Villa aan Zee. At all times this includes stay in the apartments/studios and use of all facilities.
• All guests are bound by the General Terms and Conditions and the additional local rules. Guests are to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations as well as follow the instructions of the Villa aan Zee staff.
• The tenant must see to it that all accompanying persons/parties are aware of all rules and regulations.
• Villa aan Zee is entitled to change the general terms and conditions if so inclined.

The person whose name is listed on the reservation is referred to as Tenant of Villa aan Zee.
Guest(s) of Villa aan Zee are the tenant and all those accompanying and using the accommodation.
 Accommodation refers to the apartments/studios and other facilities.

1. Duration and termination of the agreement
The agreement is legally terminated after the agreed rental period has ended.

2. Reservations
A reservation is not final until confirmed in writing by Villa aan Zee and payment by the tenant is received.
Reservations may only be made by individuals older than 18.
Villa aan Zee is entitled/justified to require identification by the tenant and party.
Giving false identity and/or falsifying other important data, entitles Villa aan Zee to immediately terminate the agreement and disallow the guest(s) entry to the accommodation. In such case the payment of the total amount to Villa aan Zee is due.

Villa aan Zee may at all times and without justification refuse a reservation.
• Apartments and studios can be rented throughout the year.
• After reservation, the tenant receives a confirmation and a file “Extra Information” with detailed information regarding the arrival.
• If the confirmation contains incorrect information, the tenant should make this known to Villa aan Zee, no later than 7 days before the start of the rental period. After the notification period, the confirmation is considered to be correct and no further claim can be made regarding possible incorrect content.
• If the tenant has not received a written confirmation within 10 days after reserving, he/she should contact the Villa aan Zee office immediately. The agreement between the two parties is not valid until confirmed by Villa aan Zee.

2.1 Youth traveling alone
Individuals who have not yet reached the age of 18 and travel without their parents/guardians may stay in the apartments/studios, provided that Villa aan Zee has given permission and one of the parents/guardians makes the reservation and thereby assumes liability for the youth.
2.2 Prices
The total price is based on the fees which are current at the time of the agreement and that are determined by Villa aan Zee.
All prices are conditional and may be subject to printing errors and adjustments.
2.3 Alterations or Additions of the agreement
Alterations after the agreement is signed/closed can only be requested by the tenant.
If the tenant should wish to alter the signed agreement, Villa aan Zee is free/entitled to determine whether such alterations will be accepted.
Villa aan Zee may charge the tenant for any alterations:
• For changes to a more expensive period or higher grade/more expensive accommodation a higher total fee is required.
• For changes to a less expensive period or cheaper accommodation within 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, the original total fee is due.
• For changes in the rental period which result in fewer days within 4 weeks before the start of the rental period, the original fee is due.
• Additions to an existing agreement are possible. However, one will be charged the usual fees which come with the addition itself, like rental fee of an extra towel package or an extra guest.
• In case Villa aan Zee, due to unforeseen circumstances, is not able to (fully) comply to the agreement, Villa aan Zee will make the tenant an offer for an amended agreement. This offer may be refused. If the amendment offer is refused, Villa aan Zee is entitled to nullify the agreement. Villa aan Zee is not liable for any cost or damage payment related to a nullification.
2.4 Payment
After making a reservation it is mandatory for the tenant to pay the due amount within 7 days (1 week). The tenant should pay the amount in Euros. Transfers may be done by bank. Please make the transfer within one week to our account (IBAN: NL05RABO0346844223 to the attention of: Strandhuis b.v.).  We also require your credit card number and expiration date, with regards to the down payment. No amount will be charged to your credit card. If any damages should occur during your stay, we will use this to pay for these.
If we do not receive your payment, we cannot guarantee the reservation of your apartment.
2.5 Cancellations
As soon as you have booked your reservation, the full amount will be charged. No restitution will be possible.
We advise you to get an annulment insurance.
3. Arrival and departure
The accommodation will be available on the date of arrival from 2 p.m. From the “Extra Information” which is provided to the tenant, together with the confirmation, further procedures are explained.
If the tenant does not arrive on the agreed date, this will be considered an annulment.
The guests are to vacate the accommodation before 11 a.m., or Villa aan Zee are entitled to charge the tenant 50% of the following night. Villa aan Zee are entitled to do a final inspection. If the tenant departs before the final rental date, the full price/fee for the agreed rental period is due.
4. The accommodation and the facilities
• It is prohibited to transfer the rented accommodation to a third party.
• Each accommodation may only be occupied by the number of people listed on the reservation confirmation, as agreed with Villa aan Zee.
• It is prohibited to occupy the accommodation with more people than is listed for that particular apartment.
• If the tenant would like to rent furniture for children, he/she should make this known while reserving the accommodation. A children’s cot may be rented for an additional fee.
4.1 Interior and fittings
The apartments are suited for 2 to 4 people, or up to 5 people. These apartments all come with a bathroom, a bedroom and a living-room with a built-in kitchen. Villa aan Zee has one apartment which is suitable for up to 6 people. This apartment comes with two bathrooms and two bedrooms.
The studio apartments have a bathroom, a kitchen, a living-/bedroom and they are suitable for up to 2 people.
• the bathroom: one bath mat and one roll of toilet paper.
• the bedroom: two single beds with a mattress protector and 2 duvets and 2 pillows.
• living room: a tv, a double sofa bed with mattress protector. In the apartments for up to 5 people an extra fold-away bed is available.
Duvets and pillows are stored in the bedroom closet.
The living room also comes with a dinner table and a kitchen section.
• the kitchen comes with pots, plates, cups, glasses, kitchen utensils, cutlery and electrical equipment, such as stove, microwave, water boiler, coffee maker. An inventory list is visible on the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen towels and a dish rag are available. Dishwashing detergent, salt, pepper, etc. are not part of the standard available items and should be brought by the guest(s).
One set of towels consists of one large and one small towel. One set of bed linen is for one person and consists of one mattress cover, one duvet cover and one pillow case.
This service is free of charge. During the process of reservation the tenant should indicate the total number of guests in his/her party.


4.2 Cleaning/maintenance
• The accommodation will be offered to the guest(s) in a clean state.
The accommodation should be left in a reasonable state after the rental period is over.
• The final cleaning fee is not included in the price for the apartment and is € 50 per reservation (€ 60,- for Comfort 6).
• Final cleaning by Villa aan Zee does NOT include washing the dishes, collecting bed sheets, blankets and towels and disposing of trash in the green trash cans by the apartment’s front door. These tasks are to be carried out by the guest(s). Villa aan Zee is entitled to charge the tenant an extra fee for cleaning expenses in the amount of
€ 25,- if the accommodation is left behind in a poor state.
• If, at the start of the rental period, according to the tenant, the accommodation has not been presented in a correct state or is incomplete, the tenant should report this no later than the morning after arrival at the Villa aan Zee office. If the tenant does not do so timely, Villa aan Zee will not accept claims relating to shortcomings of the rented facility.
• The guest is to keep the accommodation and its direct vicinity in the same state in which it has received or entered. Villa aan Zee is otherwise entitled to charge the tenant adequate expenses to bring the accommodation to its acceptable condition.
• Villa aan Zee is free to perform (cleaning) activities around the accommodation from 9 a.m.
• Performing (maintenance) activities in or around the facility during the rental period does not entitle the tenant to reduction of the rental fee. Villa aan Zee will make proper effort to avoid or reduce this type of inconvenience as much as possible.
• At all times, Villa aan Zee reserves the right to enter the facility for inspection or to perform maintenance activities, without giving the tenant a discount.
Villa aan Zee also has the right to temporarily deactivate facilities and machines for maintenance, for which the tenant will not be given a discount.
5. Pets in the accommodation
Villa aan Zee welcomes pets in all accommodations. Villa aan Zee is entitled to change the policy concerning this point and may also refuse pets in the accommodation, without justification.
• All pets should be registered at the time of reservation.
• The rule is that a maximum of two pets per apartment/studio is allowed, unless otherwise agreed to with Villa aan Zee, by prior consent in writing.
The fee per pet is € 8,50 per night.
• Pets should not cause/be a nuisance to the other guests.
• Dogs should have their own basket, etc.
• Outside of the rented apartment/studio, but on the Villa aan Zee premises, dogs are to be on a leash at all times.
• Walking the dogs should be done outside of the Villa aan Zee property.
6. Smoking in the accommodation
Smoking is prohibited in the Villa aan Zee apartments. Villa aan Zee cannot guarantee the rooms to be free of smoke. This policy is based on trust and the assumption that the rule is adhered to.

If after departure, it is established by Villa aan Zee that the guests have not complied to the regulations concerning the no-smoking rule, Villa aan Zee is entitled to charge the tenant an additional amount of € 50,-.

Smoking on the terraces/balconies or at the Villa aan Zee square is permitted, on the condition that ashtrays are used (Villa aan Zee does not provide ashtrays), after which the contents of the ashtrays should be disposed of by the guest.
7. Parking arrangements, parking spaces, parking vouchers
• Parking vouchers and/or parking on the premises cost € 8,50 per night.
• Parking on the premises is subject to availability. Tenants can obtain a parking voucher from Villa aan Zee if a parking space on the premises in not available.
• A reservation for Studio 10 includes a reserved parking space in front of the studio. Reserved parking spaces cost € 8,50 per night.
Access to parking facilities on premises and reserved parking spaces for Studio 10 is restricted by a locked chain. Upon arrival, tenants are given a key for the lock in order to access the parking facilities. It is not permitted to grant another person access to parking facilities, including loading and unloading, if that person is not in the possession of a key. The key must be returned to the Villa aan Zee office no later than 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Villa aan Zee reserves the right to charge the tenant a fee of € 15,- for lost keys. The chain must be locked immediately after entering or exiting the parking facilities to prevent access by non-tenants. Villa aan Zee reserves the right to deny the tenant access to parking facilities due to misuse, negligence or other non-adherence to the parking policy, although a warning will generally be given for the first violation.
Parking spaces for larger vehicles such as vans, campers, caravans, car with trailer, etc. may only be reserved upon express consent from Villa aan Zee. Villa aan Zee reserves the right to deny permission to oversized vehicles. If the tenant uses the parking facilities for an oversized vehicle without prior express consent, Villa aan Zee reserves the right to deny the tenant access to the parking facilities and require immediate removal of the vehicle.

A map of the parking facilities is provided.

Parking vouchers are available upon arrival for parking spaces on the boulevard. The voucher must be placed in full view on the inside of the front windshield. The voucher must be returned to the Villa aan Zee office no later than 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Tenants will be charged € 75,- for loss of the parking voucher. Parking on the boulevard is at own risk of the tenant.
8.Liability and damages
Villa aan Zee accepts no liability for:
1. Any form of lost or stolen goods. The tenant is required to report a theft or burglary to local police.
2. Oral information.
3. Discomfort and/or disturbances, caused by tenants, which are beyond control of Villa aan Zee.
4. Defects in or damages to technical appliances, equipment and other amenities in the accommodation.
5. Inconvenience or failures in services provided by Villa aan Zee or third parties.
6. Damages to personal items caused by Villa aan Zee personnel due to moving or relocating at the request of the tenant.
7. Force majeure or any consequences from extreme weather conditions.
8. The tenant indemnifies Villa aan Zee of all claims for damages from third parties, resulting directly or indirectly from actions or negligence of the tenant or the tenants’ guest(s).
Any damages to the Villa aan Zee accommodation and/or household items and/or property must be reported immediately to the Villa aan Zee office. Villa aan Zee reserves the right to demand immediate compensation for said damages. Loss of keys to the accommodation or studios will result in a € 300,- charge, to be paid immediately. The tenant is at all times responsible for the rented accommodation and any additional guests.
9. Privacy
The tenant’s name, address and other necessary information will be recorded in Villa aan Zee’s address register. This personal information will be used only for Villa aan Zee’s own business and commercial purposes, including sending promotions and specials to tenants and former tenants. Villa aan Zee does not provide or disclose any personal information to third parties, with the exception of situations requiring police or emergency services.

Tenants who wish to not receive promotions or specials from Villa aan Zee can request this in writing.

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